Painted Ceilings = Happiness!

I was recently commenting to a post on the Fresh Home Blog about painting ceilings,(
and I realized that almost every ceiling in my home is painted —— not white, not a solid color, but whatever my imagination could concoct. I mentioned this on the blog, and the author, Kerri, asked me to post some photos.

That’s when I  realized that not everyone has their ceilings painted. In fact, I’d be willing to guess that most people’s ceilings are white, or beige if they want to get crazy.

Painted ceilings are not normal, but they make me happy.

I think I just ran out of wall space and kept going! I love color, so the ceiling to me was just another place to jazz up. I don’t think it conflicts with the rest of the decorating in my home, but, really, what kind of a judge would I be?

My husband and I have a deal whenever I want to paint something. He does the base coat, and then leaves. He always likes the end result (at least he says he does) but can’t be there when I’m doing it. A bit too far out of the box for him I think. We realized that we weren’t meant to paint together when right after we were married we began to paint the living room of our apartment. I started pushing all of the stuff into the middle of the floor, he started moving every last thing out. That about sums up our painting techniques. 28 years later, we can both work on the same paint job, just not at the same time. Or be in the room together. Works for us!

So, anyway, since it was a rainy afternoon here in NJ, I wandered around my house snapping pictures of my ceilings. My kids asked what I was doing, I told them, and they didn’t even question it. Such is life in my house……..

Here are the pictures. Please vote and let me know if you think they were successful or not.  I’ll register my votes under them.

The hallway - one of my favorites! Done all free hand by me without much of a plan.

This is/was a tiny dark hallway off my kitchen. One day I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I just did the decorative painting right over what ever had been up there for the last ten years or so………from the last owners. Oh, and I notice that I also seem to have painted the walls. Looks like I rubbed some leftover beige paint on them. When I have no idea.

The kitchen - I like it!

My kitchen only has one outside window, so it’s pretty dark. I wanted to brighten it up, so I painted it to look like an outdoor cafe. Hence the sky. I wrapped the paint down the wall a bit to give it more of a sense of height. The dividing line that looks like tile is simply a piece I cut from a wallpaper border and stuck up. The walls were rubbed with paint, then stenciled and the lines drawn on with pencil. I also rubbed a bit of brown wash over the sky to tone it down a bit. My husband thought it just made it look dirty, but I like it.

The Living Room - I'm happy with this.

Here’s my living room ceiling. I have no idea why I decided to paint it bronze, but I’m happy I did. Quite a conversation piece! The ceiling was a bit bumpy, so I just applied  the paint in a circular motion. The line is another piece from the border wallpaper I used in the kitchen. I never throw decorative raw materials away, never know when I may need them! In the middle of the night. When all the stores are closed. And I just HAVE to finish the ceiling.

The Den - not my best work......

So, the den. This one has a long story. Once upon a time I noticed that a bit of the ceiling in my den was starting to separate from the backing. I thought it would be a good idea to pull off the loose parts. It wasn’t. It started me on a long journey with this as the result. So, after I peeled the loose parts off, the ceiling resembled a topographical globe. With some countries raised up. I should have painted it like a map, but I didn’t. Instead, I thought I’d cover it with colored tissue paper. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I brushed glue on, then basically decoupaged the 12″ x 18″ tissue rectangles to the ceiling. Stepped back to access my work, and immediately thought of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. It looked like this ( Maybe for a baby’s room, but not for the den. So, I did the logical thing, (yeah, right) and painted it beige. The colors from the tissue paper bled through, looking like a muted elephant. So, then I decided to paint it dark green, but leave a border. Then the border needed something, so I added the dots. Then I gave up. My husband says the next step is to sheet rock the ceiling. Then I’m left with a blank slate again, so who knows what might happen? Anyway, the room is kinda dark, so maybe no one notices. It is one of a kind though!

My Bedroom - looks funky in this pic, but better in real life!

And last but not least – my bedroom. I swirled gold metallic glaze on the tiny ceiling, then swirled the same glaze over the dark green walls. I know they look blue in the pic, but they’re really dark green with white and gold glaze rubbed in. The glaze reflected the flash, hence the blue tone. I wasn’t happy with the wiggly line where the ceiling and walls met, so I went to the dollar store and bought some fake vines. I pulled off the leaves and hot glued them to the wiggly line. They’ve been up there for years now, and the whole room has a calm feeling to it.

So – there you go! This is what happens when you combine a love of color with a small house. The creativity has to have an outlet somewhere!

What do you think? Crazy or inspired?

And thanks for reading through what amounted to over a 1000 word post!

be happy……evelyn


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fh_kerri
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 09:58:57

    I could not wait to check-out your ceilings this morning. Very cool and very inspiring…makes me want to go home and redo a room! I actually love the den ceiling. I love the layering effect the tissue paper has given it. I would have never thought about using tissue paper on a ceiling, but why not. I am all about creativity, thinking outside the box and multi-purposing. Love, love, love the hallway ceiling too!


  2. Evelyn Cucchiara
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 10:13:02

    Thanks for the words of support! I too love doing the unexpected with my home, but at the same time keeping it warm & welcoming for my family. Now if i could just figure out a way to make money doing it………….


  3. Debbie Goodrow
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 00:07:01

    I think they’re gorgeous. And fun! And a wonderful personalization of your home.

    I would so like to do this, but recently bought a ranch and didn’t realize how low the ceilings were until I lived here a while. I’m 5’10”, and I can pick a bug off the ceiling without getting on my toes or even stretching. I flapped the sheets to make the bed one morning and took out the overhead light. (you know, that center fixture that is a pain and in every room in older houses?)

    The kitchen is a 15′ x 25′ with not many windows, which partially sides with the same length long rectangle that is the living/dining/main room. The long room makes the ceiling even more noticeable. And it’s not popcorn, but ‘sand paint’ on the ceiling incredibly uneven.

    Someday I’ll figure out what to do….*sigh*


    • Evelyn Cucchiara
      Jul 29, 2011 @ 08:50:27


      Thanks for the kind words!
      Hmmm, your kitchen does sound like a bit of a challenge. Try the trick of painting the ceiling a light color, but continuing the ceiling paint color about 5 inches down to the wall. Then add either a moulding or a fake moulding cut from a wallpaper border all the way around the wall where the wall color and ceiling color meet. This usually makes the ceiling look higher. Just remember to keep the ceiling a light color, and something markedly different then the wall color.
      If you decide to do it – let me know how if goes!



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